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Fastfold Umbrella Holder

Easy mounting on all 3 wheeled Fastfold trolleys • Holds all standard rubber gripped umbrellas • Adjustable to any desired angle for maximum shade and rain protection

2.890 kr.
    Out of stock

    Fastfold Orbiter Burðarpoki

    • 7.0” top • New ultralite top and bottom • 4 way divider • 3 pockets incl. 1 cooler pocket • Towel holder • Dualstrap • Rainhood

      Fastfold Lúffur

      Keep your hands warm when pushing the cart in cold weather • Made with quality windproof materials • Easy to attach dual lock tape straps • Fits on all trolleys

      3.990 kr.

        Fastfold GPS Holder

        • Fits on all trolleys • Fits most GPS, PDA’s and mobile devices • Easy assembly • Expand GPS holder by pressing the button on the right side to place your GPS,PDA or mobile device • With the clamps at the bottom of the device you can give the GPS, PDA and mobile phone extra support

        1.990 kr.

          Fastfold Ball Bag

          Létt og þægileg taska fyrir kúlur, tí og ýmislegt smádót, sem hægt er að hengja á golfpokann.

          2.490 kr.
            Out of stock

            Fastfold Bag Bone

            Product description Fastfold Bag Bone Extendable to the correct length 6 lengths In your travel bag it prevents your clubs from breaking during the flight Top is made of hard plastic for extra protection Very easy to use Suitable for any golf bag Suitable for any travel bag, small or large Strong aluminum frame The […]

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