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Pure Púttmotta 65x300cm

PUTTING MAT 3.0 Pure2Improve Golf Putting Mat 3.0, 65x300cm. Improve your putting game with this Pure2Improve 3 meter putting mat. Different visual aids helps you to practice distance control, aim and has alignment aids to help you position correctly. The various dots on the surface are for different angles of approach. The surface of the […]

17.900 kr.
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    Pure Putting Mat

    SHORT DESCRIPTION P2I Golfputting Mat, 65×500 cm. With putting we have five fundamentals we stick to. They help you to improve your technique and become more consistant and enhance your scoringgame on the green. By understanding and adapting these fundamentals, your technique practise becomes precise training. The time we spent training helps to raise our […]

      Pure Impact Mat

      IMPACT TRAINER MAT 52X23 CM How is your impact? With this Pure2Improve Impact Mat you have visual feedback on your impact. No guessing anymore due to the velvet turf. Swing with or without ball and check your impact to improve your swing. Preferred surface would be grass, the 4 “0” rings can be used to […]

      6.900 kr.
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