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Sureshot Pinlock 5000

  The Sureshot Laser 5000IPS is locked and loaded with both intelligence and Pulse. For those wanting to make better decisions with greater accuracy, Slope mode is also included in this model. You’ll never have to guess again when gradients are in play. Slope mode accurately measures exact shot distances to the pin whether on […]

    Rapsodo MLM2 Pro

    The all new MLM2PRO™ Mobile Launch Monitor + Golf Simulator Dual optical camera vision + radar processing for precision accuracy Shot Vision and Impact Vision for multi-option swing replay Simulation at 30,000+ golf courses 13 metrics – 6 measured metrics – including spin rate and spin axis Apple and Android compatible Rapsodo Combines – 24 […]

    149.900 kr.

      Pinfinder Tri1000

      PinFinder Tri1000  In the new software we have added triangulation. The design has been carefully developed so that the product fits perfectly in the hand. The binoculars measure a full 1000 meters. You hit the pin with ease up to 280 meters +/- 0.2%. Weight 180 grams. 6 x zoom, waterproof IPX4, rechargeable battery that […]

      39.900 kr.

        MGI Sureshot GPS

        Choose from over 38,000 worldwide golf courses and receive accurate GPS measurements to help you know the distance. Keep score with the in-built Scorecard which helps you track your round with Stroke & Stableford scoring and saves up to 10 scorecards for review. Dial-in with accurate distances to the front, center and back of realistically […]

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            Golfbuddy Quantum Laser

            KEY FEATURES: MICRO MINI SIZE Compact, light, and small enough to fit in your pocket Faster measurement speed with ZST+ technology The LED shows the slope ON/OFF status (ON: Green /OFF: Red) Easy Pin Finder Mode -Press and hold the Power/ Measurement button to activate Pin Finder Mode Putting range (2~800 yards) You can also measure the distance while […]

            59.900 kr.
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              Golfbuddy Atom Laser

              EASY-TO-USE LASER RANGEFINDER Perfect portability and lightweight design( 3.3 x 2.24 x 1.22 inch, 4.4oz) Slope ON/OFF feature provides slope-adjusted distances based on elevation Rechargeable 5,000 times measurement after it’s fully charged Available in 2 colors – Black and White Luxurious ivory (White) / black (Black) leather magnetic case included Faster measurement speed with ZST […]

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