Ocean Tee 40 stk Stór

790 kr.

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    Introducing the way forward for the humble golf tee. Ocean Tee supply and deliver 100% sustainable bamboo tees that are durable, supple and longer-lasting than the usual wooden tee. No Plastics Long-Lasting Sustainably Sourced Ocean Tee source, manufacture and pack their tees in one location which reduces their ecological footprint. But why would they use Bamboo? Simply put, Bamboo can reach growth rates of up to 3.5ft per day without the need of any artificial interjections. Consider that this is 1000 times faster than Oak and you can quickly see the real benefits of using this sustainable material. And on the plus side, this fibrous grass is flexible, tough and less likely to snap than your standard wooden tee. Ocean Tee take part in the chase to tackle plastic pollution on our planet by donating 25% of their corporate profit. This goes to the fantastic charities doing the hard work to help us all. It’s now time to play your game AND your part in the reduction of plastic pollution.

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