Pinfinder Tri1000

39.900 kr.


    PinFinder Tri1000 

    In the new software we have added triangulation.
    The design has been carefully developed so that the product fits perfectly in the hand.
    The binoculars measure a full 1000 meters.
    You hit the pin with ease up to 280 meters +/- 0.2%.
    Weight 180 grams. 6 x zoom, waterproof IPX4, rechargeable battery that takes about 7000 shots.
    Hard case included.
    What is triangulation?
    Triangulation means that you can measure the distance between 2 points without physically being at the starting point.
    For example, you are at your ball and your playing partner calls out to you – how far do I have left? You then shoot first at your playing partner then at the flag.  
    Then you get the distance from your playing partner to the stick

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