TiCad Voyage

779.900 kr.



    The TiCad VOYAGE – a next-generation electric trolley.  The elegant, well-shaped silhouette of the folding trolley is an ingenious innovation in the world of trolleys. The shine of the satin titanium surface underlines the high-quality character of the luxury trolley.

    The T-shaped leather handle fits perfectly in the hand thanks to its ergonomic shape and, together with the twist grip control with forward function, provides a lot of comfort on long rounds of golf. The absolute highlight is the innovative LED light ring, which is positioned on the center tube head of the TiCad VOYAGE . The LED function of the light ring is active as soon as the battery is plugged into the trolley and provides information about the status of the trolley.

    The electric trolley is equipped as standard with the comfortable TiCad Easy Zeising and, in combination with the innovative, geometric bag support, ensures optimal hold of the golf bag. Another special feature of the TiCad VOYAGE is the new frame geometry. The trolley can be folded up easily and simply with the attached battery and optionally available scorecard holder. The trolley impresses with its very flat packing size and low weight.

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